Sunday, May 27, 2012

Firefox and great add-ons

Firefox is a great browser to have as your default browser. Great speed, security and always one step ahead in innovation. And Mozilla itself takes a deep interest in users privacy and usability. Feature like "Do Not Track" and BrowserId are created for users. 
Chrome is a decent browser but its a wrapper on webkit only where Firefox is true innovation and real product. Google created Chrome/Android keeping there ads business in mind. In terms of speed Firefox and Chrome are very close to each other but in terms of add-ons Firefox knockout Chrome. Install Firefox is you want innovation in browsers and you dont want to be tracked by Big "G". 

And IE dont have anything to be compared with Firefox/Chrome as its a dead browsers and MS even dont roll new versions to Old versions for there own Old Windows OS. 

  • Noscript - Best Add-on to have in your kitty. Want to know why then better try it today. Feel little annoying in starting but trust me it worth the headache. 
  • Adblock Plus - Name itself tells what it do. 
  •  Firebug - Best friend of all web developers.
Download Aurora
Download NoScript
Download Adblock
Download Firebug

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