Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Firefox Users Want

Firefox was 1st choice of all techy guys before chrome and still it have a large user base and people love it. Still there are few things which users demands in Firefox from other browsers. 
Here is the list what Firefox users wants
  • This extension and separate/concurrent private browsing tabs and/or windows (Opera has private browsing tabs, which in my opinion are really useful). - by morally_bankrupt77
  • In Chrome you can have both private and normal session together but in Firefox starting private session suspend normal session and vice varsa. Dont know why private browsing is not implemented that way. - by dvgaba
  • Auto-add of search engines and accessing them using tab in the awesome bar.
    When I visit amazon.com in chrome and search for something, and then the next time I open up a tab and start typing amazon.com, there is this option to hit tab and then search within amazon, without having to go to the page first. That is by far one of the things I miss the MOST from chrome - by c0d3M0nk3y
  • Multi-process architecture, so one tab does not lock or crashes the others. I really don't know why this is not on their top priority list. I'm willing to bet that this will fix all of the complains about Firefox being slow or hanging. All the MemShrink progress is great but Firefox still feels bloated and slower than Chrome. -_rs
  • The sandbox. And this is not something only from Chrome, at this moment, Firefox is the only big browser without one, even Internet Explorer has it. by -_rs
  • hoverzoom image-viewer by Kylde
  • In-chrome settings but that's already planned. Also, Australis Theme and better built-in personalization tools like Stratiform. by samingue   
Here is what is listed in Firefox Bugzilla

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